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Holiday Cleaning Countdown Guide: Stress Free Holiday

When it comes to the holidays, it can be overwhelming to prepare your house for all the festive gatherings. The Holiday Cleaning Countdown Guide will get you though the holidays!


Turn on the Christmas playlist and let’s get started! 

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Stock up on cleaning supplies so you can skip the last-minute dash to the store. Clean out your pantry. Start by removing everything from the shelves and wiping them down. Designate one area for all of the ingredients you’ll need when prepping the holiday meal. (This will also help you avoid buying ingredients you already have in stock.) Take stock of the dishes and silverware you plan to use for the holiday dinner.  Wash nice dinnerware if they’ve become dusty in storage. Clean place mats and tablecloths. Gather window treatments that need to be washed.


Clean out the refrigerator. First, remove everything from the refrigerator and wipe down the shelves. Check the expiration dates before returning items to the fridge. Give the kitchen floors a deep clean. (You’ll want to clean the floors again as the holiday gets closer.) But you will know the major dirt and stains on the floors are removed. Collect all of the extra dishtowels, bathing towels, and bed linens you’ll need.  If you take time to wash them now, you won’t be stuck doing endless loads of laundry the night before

Clean the oven and wipe down the stove top. Wipe Down Appliances and clean the inside of the microwave. Use a damp cloth on all the kitchen appliances to get rid of stuck food and fingerprints. To make stainless steel items sparkle, you’ll want to use a a good cleaning spray made for stainless steel.

If guests are staying overnight, give the guest room a quick clean by vacuuming the floor, clearing off the nightstands, and dusting.  For an extra touch, make sure your guests have water, magazines, and fresh towels. You can also leave your guests something special in their room such as sweet holiday mints. If you’re wanting to spruce up your guestroom, these rustic wall sconces look especially beautiful in the bedroom and bathroom.


Clear the clutter from the kitchen counters to make space for food prep. Temporarily move small appliances you likely won’t use to a cabinet or closet. Then clear off the bathroom counters too. Declutter the living room, relocating any mail. paper piles, or kids’ toys that have collected there. Living rooms collect a lot of dust. Consider using an Air Purifier.  You can vastly reduce the amount of times you have to dust and vacuum in your living room by using an air purifier.

Clean the Carpet and floors. Check for any stains that might stand out in your well-lit room and see if you can simply spot clean the carpets. If carpet is deeply soiled, it may be best to freshen up your space and clean the whole carpet. Clean the bathroom. Wipe down the mirrors, tub or shower stall and clean the toilet and floors. Stock the bathrooms with extra toilet paper, clean towels, and toiletries. 


Clear off any clutter that may have collected throughout the house. Wipe down the kitchen and bathroom counters and clean the sinks and shine up the mirrors. Wipe down the table and chairs. Vacuum/sweep and steam clean floors if necessary, and freshen up any areas that need a little love and attention.

Now, if you completed any of these tasks prior to the day before, I’m impressed! Often times it’s easy to let these things pile up when life gets busy. If you find yourself overwhelmed, consider delegating these tasks to other family members. 

Sometimes life gets hectic and we need a helping hand to guide us through the tasks. This is where an organizing consultant can be a lifesaver.  If you discover you need a bit more help during the holidays,consider seeking out an organizer in your area and enjoy a stress-free holiday with friends and family!

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