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Discover The Best Bike Rack Home Storage Solution Ideas

BEST Bicycle Storage Solutions to fit your lifestyle

Bicycles can be an awkward thing to store but there are some devices that can help keep your space organized. Where do we keep our bike so it’s out of harm’s way, but still within reach when we want to go for a ride? ” Let’s find out which bike storage solution will work best for you and your space.

Choose the best system that will work for your space and consider the following questions: 

Do you have the space to store your bikes on the floor or do you need to consider hanging them from the ceiling or rafter?  

How accessible would you like your bikes to be? Do you want to include your bike as a décor piece in your home? These are all helpful questions to ask before you go on a hunt to find the perfect bike rack.

The white bike you see in the photo is mounted with the Delta Cycle Pablo Monet and I’ve been very happy with this bike storage system. I chose this bike rack based on my research, along with helpful reviews. I seriously rarely purchase something without first reading reviews. I like to read the pros and the cons and make note of any specific challenges consumers are noticing when using products.


Horizontal Bike Racks

Horizontal bike racks do give you some more creative décor options. If you want to showcase your bike so that it is more visible, storing it horizontal is a great option.

For example, you can place your bikes close to the ceiling to really keep them out of the way in the offseason, or you can integrate them into your existing décor to create things like room dividers and talking pieces.

If you’re looking at racks and mounts, the same rules apply for horizontal as for vertical: make sure you measure your space, and know how many bikes you need to store, and look for something with longevity.

In both vertical and horizontal bike racks, you are generally taking advantage of empty wall space as a place to store your bike(s).  Often times the walls tend to get ignored. The garage is a great place to store bikes on the wall, especially if you are using this space for vehicles and other storage items.

Advantages of horizontal bike storage:

      • Frees up floor space. You can use space like walls or ceiling that are normally ignored.
      • The use of hooks in horizontal storage makes this the cheapest storage option.
      • You can set up the system however you choose.

Disadvantages of horizontal Bike Storage:

      • Hooks and systems used must be firmly attached and always require installation. You have to know something about DIY or be able to hire someone.
      • They aren’t portable like the floor bike racks.
      • Difficult for kids to hang and un-hang their bikes by themselves

Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Folding Bike Wall Mount Rack Storage for Garage Indoor, Pablo Two Bike

  • Wall mount bike rack stores 2 bikes; Maximum load 65 lbs.
  • Folds down flat to save space when not in use
  • Useful shelf for helmet, lock, and accessory storage
  • Molded rubber arms protect bike finish
  • Dimensions approximate 12″ x 14.5″ x 20″

I looked long and hard for a convenient horizontal, secure, easy to install wall rack to store my bike. I’ve seen fancy ones, beautiful wooden bike racks on Pinterest- but after searching the different options, I decided to give this one a try.

I chose to go with the two bike rack mount in case later, I decide to add another bike to the rack. My bike rack still feels solid and secure and I’m confident this rack will continue to hold my bike securely on the wall.

Keep in mind, I did find some complaints about two bikes being a bit crowded when stored together on the wall. I discovered this is a common  consumer complaint with most of the bike racks I researched.

SMARTOLOGY 9 Pack Bike Hanger

  • The thread design makes installation a breeze. 
  • For drywall, use proper anchors (not included).
  •  Each hook is constructed from heavy duty galvanized tough steel with non-slip soft matt vinyl coating to prevent scratches for your items. Each hook hold up to 70 lbs.
  • Ideal for ceiling or wall hanging of bicycles, power recreational equipment, furniture, etc.


Most Affordable Option

Amazon ($14.95)

Vertical Bike Racks

Advantages of Vertical bike storage:

  • Takes advantage of empty wall space, allowing you to secure your bike in a sideways position.
  • Ideal way to store bikes in a small awkward spaces.
  • Easy to fold up when not in use.

Disadvantages of vertical bike storage

  • Stick off the wall 
  •  May be difficult for kids to hang and un-hang their bikes by themselves.

Best Vertical Hanging

Amazon ($22.99)

Dirza Bike Wall Mount Rack with Tire Tray

  •  Compatible for most bicycles  but NOT for bicycles with tire width over 2.4″/6.0cm.
  • Made of heavy duty iron 
  • Includes tire tray to avoid tire marks on the wall.

Free Standing Bike Racks

Advantages of Free Standing bike storage:

  • Space saving with slim design
  •  Easy to assemble

Disadvantages of Free Standing bike storage

  • Lower bike takes up floor space
  •  Heavier bike recommended for the bottom.

Best Free Standing

Wayfair ($70.04)

Wayfair Basics 2 Bike Freestanding Bike Rack

  •  Slim metal design leans up against the wall- but recommend mounting it to the wall for support. 
  • Weight limit for this product is 60 lbs.


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