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How to Use Labels to Better Organize Your Home

Using labels to organize the contents of our home is one of the best ways to keep our home neat and tidy.

Labels are a great way to retrain our brain and help everyone in the household to know where things belong.

Labeling our belongings make it easier to retrieve a certain item/container and ultimately can save you a lot of time! Thus, for those of you who are new to the idea of labeling, here are a few areas where you can use labels to organize your home.


I’m all about making life easier when possible. As parents, w    

Try labeling bins and baskets so everyone can participate in making lunches, and the burden doesn’t just fall on one person. For example, you can create a bin for “snack bars” or a “lunch bin” to corral all the snack items your family packs for lunch for easy access.

OffspringLife Hackter says “Let children pack their meals themselves by setting up a lunch-making station in your refrigerator.” When children are old enough, this is a great first step towards having children participate in making lunches.

You can label baskets and bins for non-perishable and perishable items that belong in the refrigerator. We use this same concept to corral items for our summer snack station during the summer months.


snack bin


Labeling food and spices in clear jars gives your space a fresh and clean appeal. labels can come in handy here and help everyone in your household to know where each item belongs. 

Sometimes, I like to write on my jars with my favorite chalk marker color pen.

labeling glass jars


You can buy already painted self-adhesive chalkboard labels at and other online retailers. Search for chalkboard stickers.

chalkboard stickers

white wall file

Have fun labeling your bins and baskets and adjust to fit your needs. If you find the process is overwhelming, start small and tackle one small labeling project at a time.

If you need help, consider seeking out an organizing consultant in your home town area. You can transform your space and enjoy your home by making both small and big changes to reduce stress.

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