How to Have an Organized Summer with the Kids

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2019)

Do you dream of having an organized summer with the kids? Before the season is in full swing, try setting up some organizational stations to keep track of all the summer gear you will bringing out. Here are seven easy tips for keeping track of all your summer gear! 

Set Up a Bucket Station for Flip -Flops

In the summer, we bring out the flip-flops and corral them to one location. This way, we won’t bring in sandy flops and they won’t end up laying around the house. Designate a bucket or bin and label it. Whenever anyone comes inside, they will know where to put their flip-flops. This makes heading out for activities in the summer so much easier.

shoe organizationOrganize Some Ready Made Activity Bags

Summer time is often spent on the go, You can prepare in advance this summer by packing a few activity bags and store them in a basket or bin out of site in a closet or near the entryway door. One activity bag can have snacks, and another can contain small travel games for the car ride. 

organized summerCreate a Bin to Contain Sunscreen/Bug Spray

Sunscreen and bug spray are a must in the summer months! Often times, we end up buying more than we need because they get misplaced.  Be ready for summer activities and coral your sunscreen and bug spray to one location. This also makes it easier for older kids to grab what is needed before heading out for summer fun activities.

Set Up a Healthy Snack Station in the Fridge

When school session ends and summer begins, kids are more likely to go for easy snacks. I try to make it easy in our home by storing prepared snacks.

Designate a snack station in a cupboard for dry snacks, and the fridge for perishable items. Some ideas for your snack bin include:  sliced fruits and veggies, yogurt, nuts and maybe a sandwich or two. Then let them know whenever they are hungry, they can always grab something from the snack bin.

organized snacks

Organize Your Car Trunk

We love being outside in the summer. Set up your car in advance for easy access to your summer gear. Keep one or two folding chairs, towels, a mesh bag, or buckets with sand toys.

Create a Bin For Outside Toys

Toys that get played with outside often are caked with sand. Set up an outside toy station in your garage or on your porch and  encourage your children to put their toys away each day.

Big Bag for Clean Towels, Sunscreen, and Bug Spray

There’s nothing like a big bag to store your pool gear for easy access.   That way, you can just grab it and go when you’re ready to go for a swim. Have extra towels on hand so that you can wash them and have fresh ones ready to add to your bag.

beach bag

Have a fun and organized summer!