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Organizing Consultants Enjoy Helping People: Find Out How You Can Benefit


Discover how a professional organizer may be able to help you through a tough time.

There’s more to being a professional organizer than just tossing down storage bins marked “keep,” “trash,” and “donate.” Getting help from an organizer is no different than getting help with other things you may not be able to do on your own. Organizers can help those of us too busy, or too stressed to deal with the challenges of managing a home and life.


Professional organizers can help people create order in their homes, so they can make long-term improvements in their lives.  Sometimes we all need an objective, experienced opinion to help us move forward. Professional organizers can offer suggestions, or help you to discover options you wouldn’t have thought about on your own.

Many people think organizing is something everyone should be capable of doing. The truth is, this is not always the case. Just as there are those professionals who help in other areas of our lives (taxes, real estate, legal matters, retirement accounts, etc.),  there are those whose profession it is to help others organize their spaces in order to maintain a functioning home.


Everyone can benefit!

  • A busy family who needs help with managing home/work life
  • A homeowner who wants to clean out the garage
  • A corporate professional who wants to become more productive
  • An individual who will go through a medical treatment
  • A person who needs to downsize to a smaller home
  • A person who needs to move his or her parents into a retirement community
  • An individual struggling with chronic disorganization


Organizing can bring up anxiety or emotional issues, whether it’s finding the right way to keep or display mementos from a recently passed relative, or a client who suffers from ADHD.  People tend to think of POs as working just with people who are already “disorganized”—and that’s often true—but in many situations, an organizer is brought in before any disorganization occurs in order to create systems that work; for example, expectant parents who want to create a nursery, or a family that wants to downsize to a smaller home.

Organizing isn’t just about the things we collect, its also about the person who interacts with their things. So, If you find a good organizer, you will not only find a professional that can help create functional systems, but you will also find an understanding person for your specific situation.


1. They don’t know how to create a plan.  They don’t know how to get organized or where to start on their own. Some people get overwhelmed and anxious and are not sure where to begin.  A Professional Organizer can help find a good starting point and create a plan to follow.

2. Not enough time do it on their own.  They have busy families or careers and need an extra set of hands to clean out the garage in order to make room for the car because there isn’t enough time in one weekend. A PO can work with you and make it all happen in a fraction of the time.

3. They simply don’t want to do it all themselves.  Just like accountants or housekeepers, there are certain activities that people are capable of doing themselves, but they just don’t want to spend their time on it.  

Helping people organize isn’t just about organizing things in boxes. More importantly, organizing is about helping people move past their own mental blocks. Furthermore, If you find the right professional organizer, you’ll find someone who won’t just help you get your life in order, but you’ll also discover a buddy that understands you and will help you find the best solutions.

Not ready to hire an organizer yet?  I think you’ll like this”How to Use Labels to Better Organize Your Home. We can learn a lot through reading and then experimenting with organizing systems that work best for us.

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Happy organizing!



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