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Free Printable Grocery List Save Time And Money

Sharing one of my favorite FREE  printables with you that will make grocery shopping a breeze! 

The grocery shopping printable will help you stay organized as well as to save time and money at the grocery store.

I considered using shopping apps this year to help organize grocery shopping trips, but due to the pandemic, I’ve been shopping for other family members, and so this printable has been especially helpful. In fact, I find it so helpful, I’m going to keep using this system for organizing our own grocery shopping lists.

Grocery Shopping Tips During Pandemic

I discovered some safe grocery shopping tips from Susan Taylor-Pilarski, MD. She recommends limiting the amount of items you bring into the store with you. “The less you take into the store with you, the better.” Lately, I’ve discovered it’s been helpful to only take in minimal items into the store. I’ve even left my phone in the car on occasions.  This way I’m not tempted to answer calls and send text messages. Instead, I can just focus on which items I need to locate and purchase.

The grocery list printable contains common food items that you can select, and then there are also specific categories with spaces below each category where you can customize your list and add an ingredient. There is also a specific category for household items, such as cleaning supplies and paper products.

I like to keep this grocery list on my fridge or in my purse until I leave the house – even when doing other errands. If there’s a chance to pick up an essential item, I’m ready.

Save Time and Money

I’m not only saving time, but I’m also saving money by only buying what we need. This is a simple tool you can implement right now. If you are planning to use this printable grocery list, be sure to pin the image below, so that you can come back to this topic and reference it later.

Grab your FREE grocery printable and download it here!

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Looking for more money saving tips?  Check out Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half by Steve and Annette Economides. The authors, Steve and Annette only do their grocery shopping once a month, and they share amazing tips for saving money in many areas of life, but especially at the grocery store. 

Happy meal planning!



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