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I love DIY projects, furniture makeovers, decor, and to discover helpful life hacks and tips – It’s much more fun to have a buddy to share things along the way.

I love to connect with my readers! Stay updated on helpful solutions you can try too.

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Find me on Instagram too! You can see behind the scene pictures and fun things I do with Instagram.  I love photography and Instagram has been a wonderful creative outlet. When I switched from taking photos from my cell phone to my new Canon EOS Rebel camera, I became passionate about photography, sharing and connecting with other DIYers.


Jillian has always had a personal interest in creating functional spaces, and now she is passionate about helping others in their journey. 

One of her greatest strengths is her empathy for others who face challenges in life.  She completed her B.A. degree in Human Development with an Emphasis in Counseling because of her desire to help others. Through the degree, she developed the necessary skills needed for time management and coaching skills. Throughout her career she has worked with students with disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Autism and Learning Disabilities. She is patient and enjoys solving problems.

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